• AG Capital September 2021 Investor Update

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    Commentary by AG Capital Management Partners, LP The Discretionary Global Macro Program generated a -4.1% return, net of fees, in September 2021, leaving YTD performance at -6.3%. An Asian Inflection … Newspaper headlines screamed that the ongoing collapse of Evergrande–China’s largest real estate developer with over $300 billion in debt–is the country’s “Lehman” moment. The implication is that it’s a crisis on par with the 2008 leveraged collapse of the U.S. banking system during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC). Catchy headlines like this were promptly forgotten two weeks later, given that there was no immediate contagion to the U.S. financial … Read more AG Capital September 2021 Investor Update
  • September 2021 Flash Report + Website Updates

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    The equity markets finally showed some weakness posting the first negative month since January of this year. September was primarily led by headlines related to China’s economic slowdown and the Fed hinting at tapering later this year. Other trends in energy markets primarily in oil and natural gas spark concerns of shortages in Europe and Asia. With Winter approaching we should see more volatility in energy. Looking ahead, the debt ceiling in the U.S. is taking all the headlines. It appears we have temporarily pushed that out to the end of this year. This too will pass, the U.S. will … Read more September 2021 Flash Report + Website Updates
  • Numberline Capital Partners Performance Report and Market Summary

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    Commentary by John Knott of Numberline Capital Partners. The Numberline Macro Risk Program was down .35% net of all fees for the month of September and is up 25.09% year to date. Additionally, the program has returned 25.32% over the previous 12 months. These numbers are compiled by Turnkey Trading Partners. Last month we left off feeling a little bullish as the market was breaking out to new all-time highs at the end of the month. That always comes with a caveat, when the data changes, so do we. As John Maynard Keynes once famously said, “when the facts change, … Read more Numberline Capital Partners Performance Report and Market Summary
  • How to Build a Sustainable Investment Portfolio

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    In recent years, sustainability has moved from the financial sector’s periphery to the mainstream, and the industry has increasingly embraced a transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economic model. This in turn has made ESG investing is a hot topic right now.  Environmental, social, and governance programs look at not only financial factors for investing but also non-financial criteria.  Companies increasingly report on these initiatives, that include climate impact, diversity, employee engagement, and executive compensation amongst other things.  One asset class that has largely been absent in the space is the futures category. On its face, this makes sense … Read more How to Build a Sustainable Investment Portfolio
  • September 2021 Market Letter

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    Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments Over the past several years the USDA’s September stocks report has earned the reputation of being one of the most volatile of the year, and this year’s report did not disappoint. November soybean futures had a 50 cent trading range in the 29-1/2 days leading up to the report and a 46 cent trading range in the 35 minutes following its release. Even though this is scheduled as a stocks report the USDA has made it clear that they will revise old crop corn and soybean production if their data indicates a … Read more September 2021 Market Letter