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  • February & March Intra-Month Performance Updates

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    What is up? Indexes across the board are showing position returns for February. This heightened volatility has given way to many strategies particularly Systematic Managers with a 1.03% number posted for February. The overall IASG CTA Index is up 0.70% and focuses in on managers with at least 36 months of history. What is down? The IASG Option Index has only a few reported numbers so although showing positive as of today – we anticipate this number to be negative as more managers report. A few managers did perform during February that trade option strategies. Global Sigma BondVol strategy posted a … Read more February & March Intra-Month Performance Updates
  • Why does our Tail Reaper program work in times of market turmoil?

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    Why is a trend-following strategy profitable in a crisis? A simple example will suffice. If a short trade is triggered when the return (from some chosen benchmark) exceeds -1%, then the trade will be very profitable if the market ends up dropping -4%. Vice versa for a long trade. (As recent market actions have demonstrated, prices exhibit both left and right tail movements in a crisis.) The trick, of course, is to find the right benchmark for the entry, and to find the right exit condition … Read more Why does our Tail Reaper program work in times of market turmoil?
  • Oil Flood – Case for $15 Oil

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    Guest post by Brent Belote of Cayler Capital Russia broke the oil market!  Russia and the Saudis have entered into a dangerous game of chicken with each other.  Russia is determined to punish US Oil Producers while the Saudis are attempting to force OPEC+ back in line. To simplify, Russia would not comply with OPEC+ to extend cuts and possibly deepen them, so in retaliation, the Saudis lowered its official selling price (OSP).  This OSP affects about 14 million barrels per day (mb/d) for various oil grades and locations.  See below chart for an idea of just how monumental and … Read more Oil Flood – Case for $15 Oil
  • We Are All Survivors

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    Duncan Coker — Rivercast Capital Management — January 2020 Congratulations if you are reading this article you are a survivor! Granted on some days nothing seems to go right but compared to the alternative life is good. It tends to give us an optimistic outlook as it should. Optimism is a great thing and without it very little would actually get accomplished. On the other hand, it pays to be a realist as well. This is important when making long-term decisions like investing. In the process it is typical to envision future results by extrapolating from the past. This is … Read more We Are All Survivors
  • February Flash Report

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    What’s Up The Trend Following Strategy Index rose above the other indexes last month at 1.58% with the Superfund Group taking the 4 top spots and their Green Gold SICAV program reaching a new high at 8.70% for the month. What’s Down The Discretionary Trader Index was down -0.72% for January followed closely by managers focused on Stock Indexes with a reported loss of -0.20%. The Coronavirus outbreak wreaked havoc in global markets erasing much of the early index gains in the month. Commodities: A Range of Opportunities for 2020 A decline in the U.S. dollar will be an essential … Read more February Flash Report