Author: JonPaul Jonkheer

As Executive Vice President, JonPaul Jonkheer oversees all of IASG’s daily operations and strategic initiatives. He is also responsible for business development and fostering connections with other managed futures industry professionals. In March of 2015, JonPaul co-founded IASG Alternatives LLC, a boutique broker dealer offering hedge funds and managed futures funds to qualified investors. JonPaul’s insights into the managed futures industry have been featured in leading financial publications and online outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Michael Covel, and CTA Intelligence. Prior to joining IASG, he spent 12 years as a sales and marketing executive. JonPaul holds a B.A. in marketing from Loras College. He is licensed and registered as both a Series 3 commodity broker and Series 30 Branch Manager. JonPaul also has his Series 7, 24 and 63 securities licenses.
  • Gold Spotlight: Cervino Capital Management LLC Gold Covered Call Writing Program

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    In 1971 President Nixon imposed a 90-day wage and price control program and other various expansionary fiscal policies in what became known as the “Nixon Shock”. More importantly, Nixon closed the gold window to prevent foreign governments that had been holding dollar-denominated financial assets from demanding gold in exchange for their dollars. By January 1976 a G-7 agreement ended the formal role of gold as the principal reserve asset, legitimizing the de facto system of fiat currencies and floating exchange rates. The reason for retelling this story is because these events led to the formation of the gold leasing market … Read more Gold Spotlight: Cervino Capital Management LLC Gold Covered Call Writing Program
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Managed Futures

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    1. You can use bonds as collateral in your futures account. Many Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) will allow you to use U.S. government securities as collateral in your futures account. Some FCMs will even accept municipal bonds, foreign currencies, and foreign sovereign debt. It is important to note that a “haircut” will be taken on the market value of your securities, depending on their perceived riskiness. For example, an FCM might allow you to use 95% of the value of U.S. government securities to satisfy the exchange’s margin requirement, but might accept only 75% of the value of foreign sovereign … Read more 5 Things You Should Know About Managed Futures
  • Esulep LLC MAX Spotlight

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    IASG continually works for you as it searches for great talent and the best places for its clients to allocate their capital, based on specific investment goals and risk tolerances. A new public Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) has surfaced recently that we feel may be a great fit as part of your overall investment portfolio. Managed by John Matthew Peluse, Esulep LLC MAX looks to continue the success that has been realized in Esulep’s related, comparably-run private Permo Fund. Matt Peluse has provided consistent returns for his investors for over six years with his “singles versus home runs,” risk-averse philosophy. He would … Read more Esulep LLC MAX Spotlight