Author: Mark Rzepczynski

Prior to co-founding AMPHI, Mark was the CEO of the fund group at FourWinds Capital Mgmt. Mark was also President and CIO at John W. Henry & Co., an iconic Commodity Trading Advisor. Mark has headed fixed income research at Fidelity Management and Research, served as senior economist for the CME, and as a finance professor at the Univ. of Houston Baer School of Business.
  • What are the Best Investment Warnings?

    | | risk management

    So what is a warning? A warning is defined as a statement or event that may indicate a danger, problem, or an unpleasant event. With hindsight, we can always find warning signs, but the real question is whether you can see warnings before the fact. The warning has to strong enough to change current thinking. For investments, a warning could be information that contradicts a given narrative. The narrative is the story that generates a specific trade or allocation … Read more What are the Best Investment Warnings?
  • Commodities – Is This the Time to Allocate?

    | | Commodities, Economics

    Commodities have been an out of favor asset class. With a long-term return downturn, that has only partially reversed, many have avoided commodities even though it has been one of the best performing asset classes for 2016. A return of over 5% through November 11th as measure day the DJP total return has made it a strong gainer albeit the reversal in oil has caused declines from highs earlier in the year. … Read more Commodities – Is This the Time to Allocate?
  • Global Themes on One Page

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    We have delayed our monthly global themes on one page given the US presidential election. There was too much uncertainty associated with the election to focus on the core themes of growth and valuation. Now that the election is over, we can focus on what is most important, growth, liquidity, and risk appetite. Financial markets are driven by the underlying economics of policies and not the personality of the president. Focus on policy, not the man. Personality matters to the degree that policy agendas can be moved. This is not trivial, but what moves markets are the policies. The key is determining what will get done, when, and how much. These policies have to be balanced with growth prospects around the world … Read more Global Themes on One Page
  • Risk Hurdles

    | | Managed Futures, risk management

    Risk management is more than applying quantitative tools to measure things like volatility or skew. It is an operational management problem of gathering and reporting data. The quality of risk management is related to the ability of a manager to properly aggregate data for analysis. Hence, strategies that have greater operational problems at gathering information on risk will have higher risk … Read more Risk Hurdles