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  • CTA Spotlight – Sandpiper Asset Management

    | | CTA, Global Macro

    The Sandpiper Global Macro Program is a multi-strategy program employing systematic trend following and discretionary trading methods across 50 liquid futures markets. The Program produces returns across a wide range of economic cycles and exhibits a negligible correlation to other investable assets. Risk is managed systematically to a targeted annualized volatility. Today we welcome David Hathaway and Jon Farrin to take us through the details of their program … Read more CTA Spotlight – Sandpiper Asset Management
  • Cattle: Futures Commentary

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    Bulls had something to cheer about to finish off last week’s trading in the Cattle markets, after Thursday’s limit higher move followed by a $2-3 rally on Friday. However, somewhat of a letdown was the Friday afternoon USDA news, with the choice beef cutout coming in off $3.02 and the monthly COF (Cattle on Feed) report acknowledging larger supplies than were expected.  To sum things up March cattle placements were higher by 0.4% vs. last year, 5% above expectations, leaving the April 1 on feed total unchanged vs. last year, which was also more than anticipated … Read more Cattle: Futures Commentary
  • Crude Oil: Potential Target in Focus

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    Crude oil bulls had a brilliant day on Thursday with the oil complex posting strong gains.  Brent crude finished at $64.83while WTI closed at $57.66. With the market clearly sailing above the 100 day MA last week, a review of the continuation chart gives a perspective on what the bulls might be targeting in the longer term.  Remember back to Thanksgiving.  Crude oil hovered at $72/bbl and Brent at $76/bbl. While I sat and watched my Eagles blowout the Cowboys, OPEC decided to blowout any remaining crude bulls as they opted not to cut production.  This event triggered an additional $25-$30 … Read more Crude Oil: Potential Target in Focus
  • What are the Biggest Errors in Trading a CTA Could Make?

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    Success in trading is measured in terms of the growth of the account balance.  A CTA is not expected to play God and call every twist and turn in the market correctly at all times. As a matter of fact, some professional and proven CTA’s systems are only correct 25-30% of the time and they still manage to pull huge profits out of the markets consistently.  What distinguishes the “Pros” from their less successful colleagues is their ability (a) to recognize an error promptly and (b) to take necessary action to correct and prevent the error from becoming a financial … Read more What are the Biggest Errors in Trading a CTA Could Make?
  • CTA Badges and Rankings

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    CTAs are always looking for opportunities to provide their firms additional exposure. Since IASG compiles data within our database, we thought it was relevant to provide CTAs with more marketing power when trying to reach their investing audience. Starting later this month, IASG will provide CTAs with access to a badge for ranking in the categories that meet their trading program. These categories include: discretionary, systematic, agriculture, Trend Following, Stock Index. The rankings badges will be provide monthly to the CTA for using on their email signature, embedding in their website, or within their marketing literature. Users of the IASG database will also get access to these badges on the CTA pages located in the right sidebar of the program page … Read more CTA Badges and Rankings