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  • CTAs Set to Thrive at End of QE Era

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    In the midst of any foggy economic phenomenon, it’s difficult for an industry to really assess how it’s being affected. But with time comes clarity, and it’s now possible to look back on the past eight years of Fed policy and draw broad conclusions about how Quantitative Easing actions created headwinds for investors in the managed futures space. Crucially, these conclusions give us a reason to feel optimistic looking toward 2017 and the return to a world of abundant, varied trading opportunities … Read more CTAs Set to Thrive at End of QE Era
  • Another European Summer of Discontent

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    The most obvious and immediate European problem is the UK’s Brexit vote on 23rd June, and momentum has clearly swung away from the remain camp in the last two weeks. What was seen as only a minor risk for financial markets has quickly become a huge potential risk and prices have begun to adjust. In our opinion, this is not just an issue of migration but a problem of the average man on the street simply does not feel that their lives have improved materially since the Global Financial Crisis. There are a huge number of voters who feel completely disaffected and simply want change. This is not an issue unique to the UK. Huge numbers across Europe and the US are in the same boat and the risk of a series of anti-establishment votes in the next year or so is growing … Read more Another European Summer of Discontent