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  • A Primer on Negative Interest Rates

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    In “Paradigm Shift” we suggested that the prevalence of negative interest rates on sovereign debt in Europe and Japan could indicate decline in the efficacy of central bank actions going forward. This article will elaborate on that premise by describing negative interest rate policy (NIRP) and why a central bank would employ such an unusual and experimental policy … Read more A Primer on Negative Interest Rates
  • 12 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Commodity Trading Advisor

    | | Commodities, Economics, Education, Futures

    Here is a list that I’ve developed for Individual investors to know the answers to or ask before investing their risk capital with a Commodity Trading Advisor or Professional Money Manager.  This checklist is ever evolving as new information comes to light or the dynamics change in the market place. Our hope in providing this list of questions is to assist new and even veteran investors to Managed futures a “system” or “methodology” that can provide them with crucial information, and steer them away from cardinal mistakes before placing their hard earned funds with a trading advisor.  This is not our … Read more 12 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Commodity Trading Advisor
  • All Eyes on the Fed

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    The world reacted very negatively on Thursday to the idea of a post-quantative easing economy. The oddest thing about the reaction to the Fed announcement was that not only did the stock market plummet but nearly all of the commodity markets fell just as aggressively despite the US Dollar strengthening. The big question now is whether or not the talk of tapering will effectively end the bull run of 2013, and where we go from here. With the market off the highs, sideways over the past few weeks, then sharply lower, it really is an interesting and difficult situation. The market showed us all how weak its legs really are … Read more All Eyes on the Fed