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  • March 2021 Flash Report

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    March was another positive move for equity markets with indexes showing solid returns. CTAs held their own with overall a positive month across many of the strategies we track.  Some of the trends outside of equities saw choppiness in grain and agriculture markets and trends emerged in short bonds. The USD showed strength from its end of February low versus other major currencies. Equity markets remain at all time high levels as volatility in the indexes has dropped significantly below 20 for the first time in over a year. Most indexes were positive with the Stock Index Trader Index leading for … Read more March 2021 Flash Report
  • Futures Contracts are Easy. You are Already Using Them.

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    I have spent over a decade in the futures industry so I am accustomed to the blank stare when I tell people what I do. Most immediately assume it is too complicated to even try to understand.  The ironic thing is that we all intuitively understand them already. We trade them all the time. We can look at many examples of a futures decision; pre-ordering a book on Amazon, waiting to buy something until it goes on sale, or my favorite example the airplane ticket.  Purchasing a seat for a trip has all the characteristics of a futures contract; a … Read more Futures Contracts are Easy. You are Already Using Them.
  • Webinar on Market Volatility in the Covid era

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    Tune in October 7th at 4pm CDT to listen to Ernie Chan from QTS Capital and Damon Pavlatos talk about how they view and trade volatility around major world events. This event is sponsored in part by IASG Fund Services. Dr. Ernest Chan Damon Pavlatos Exogenous events affect the financial markets with downside volatility. Technical trading professionals use tools to anticipate and react. Quantitative traders use data sets to program their trading strategies. From implied volatility to correlation studies, volatility trading pros use their own systems to embrace or fade pricing uncertainty in the financial markets during uncertain times.   … Read more Webinar on Market Volatility in the Covid era
  • Coloma Capital – Trade War Tempest or Just a Squall?

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    Trade War Tempest or Just a Squall?  As the July 31st Fed interest rate cut was quickly overrun by the trade war tit-for-tat, we need to gain some perspective on expected impact of the US/China interaction in early August without the hype too often seen in the media.  On August 1st, Trump stated that he intends to place a 10% tariff on the remaining $300 billion-ish in Chinese exports to the US as of September 1st.  The prior statements were a 25% tariff (notably higher) and at an indeterminate date (easily ignored by the markets).  A lower tariff that can possibly be fully absorbed by Chinese firms may ruffle some feathers but would not be a crisis.  The Chinese response of cancelling nebulously-defined agricultural sales (note that pork shipments are full speed ahead, despite the existing Chinese tariff) would be partially matched off with lower US grain production from the poor spring weather.  There are also some reports that the Chinese tempered their Brazilian soy purchases which implied intrinsically lower Chinese grain demand.  In other words, this first response was justification for something they wanted to do anyway.  … Read more Coloma Capital – Trade War Tempest or Just a Squall?