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  • IASG May Performance Results

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    We have now reached the halfway point of June and have compiled nearly 70% of the manager data for May 2014. With five months of performance on record, the IASG CTA Index has turned positive YTD (Past Performance not indicative of future results). We anticipate this trend to hold for the remainder of the month as investors focus now on the remainder of this year. Here is a snapshot of the database as of 6/16/2014. The IASG CTA Index which comprises the managers with a minimum track record of 3 years performance and that performance must be client based. This helps to remove start up CTAs that are really in the strategy development and asset building stage. It is too early in their business to say whether they are going to be available for years to come. Agricultural and Option strategy CTAs are atop the list of performers and are helping keep the overall index in positive territory for 2014. Trend Following Strategies are poised to post their 4th losing month in the last 5 years … Read more IASG May Performance Results
  • David Martin Finds Soft Commodities a ‘Last Century’ Challenge

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    David Stephen Martin deals in commodities that people have a hard time doing without. Take that cup of fine Colombian coffee you just drank. Or that chocolate bar. Or that soothing glass of orange juice. Martin trades the soft commodities — coffee, cocoa, sugar, orange juice and cotton. And he has fun doing it, even though these commodities are some of the most volatile products: vulnerable to frost, drought, disease, insects, animals, guerrilla wars and occasionally unstable governments. They are grown and traded all over the world … Read more David Martin Finds Soft Commodities a ‘Last Century’ Challenge
  • IASG April CTA Indexes

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    We are a little over half way through May and have approximately two-thirds of our CTAs updated through the month of April. Overall the index is flat and carried by agriculture and equity index manager trading for the month. Trend Following is so far posting a negative month with 73% of managers reporting. So overall on the year we are off to a moderate start as we get deeper into the second quarter. Without any significant trends we expect to see much of the same as the equity markets continue on the bull run. Agriculture should be particularly interesting as we head into planting season and this pig virus continues to play itself out … Read more IASG April CTA Indexes
  • New Agriculture CTA: Demeter Capital Management LLC

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    Demeter Capital Management is a registered CTA with a Livestock and Grain Trading Futures and Options Program. The Livestock and Grain Trading Program attempts to generate profits through the Advisor’s discretionary selection of futures and options trades in agricultural markets. Trades are selected on the basis of fundamental analysis, which is concerned with any factor that would affect the supply and demand, and therefore the price, of a given instrument. The Advisor’s market analysis tends to focus on seasonal trends and year-to-year comparisons. The Advisor absorbs and interprets a wide range of research on a daily basis, employing its principals’s combined 40+ years of experience in agricultural futures markets. … Read more New Agriculture CTA: Demeter Capital Management LLC
  • IASG March CTA Indexes

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    Overall the IASG CTA Index was down 90 BPS for March with 71% of managers posting their returns a/o this posting. This was a particularly difficult month with the Volatility VIX index reducing dramatically in early March only to recover and spike quickly which presented an opportunity for the stock index and options CTAs. Agriculture was also an area of focus with grains primarily staying flat and end of month spiking after USDA reports indicated larger supply than was predicted along with unstable conditions in Ukraine causing corn prices to rally end of month. Finally Livestock prices achieved all time high prices as a virus continues to take its toll in decimating hogs. There were some managers that were able to exploit these markets and others who struggled. Trend Following continues to struggle in these market conditions with the first quarter showing a -1.25% loss … Read more IASG March CTA Indexes