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  • July Flash Report

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    Another very interesting month for trading as almost all strategies performed with positive results in July. Stock markets continue to rise amidst continued uncertainty regarding the global economy. It feels like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Precious metals has gone parabolic. Gold gets the headlines but Silver has jumped considerably. Bonds have held steady and are ripe for a breakout. With continued uncertainty in markets sure to cause disruption ahead we believe strategies long and short across different sectors should capture market volatility. The IASG CTA Index for July is +2.74% with Diversified managers leading with … Read more July Flash Report
  • Adalpha Asset Management – Seeking Volatility

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    “What just happened?” is becoming an all too common phrase for market watchers over the past few weeks.  Whether it be the Fed Chairman giving a talk, interest rate behavior, or a short tweet from the President, markets have been responding aggressively.  Over long periods of time all of these things could often be put on the category of “noise” but in the meantime anyone watching their portfolio can get an ulcer.  … Read more Adalpha Asset Management – Seeking Volatility