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  • May 2021 Flash Report

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    Equity market volatility surfaced again, led primarily by the tech sector with several themes continuing to work its way through this market. Is the market rally stalling out or getting set to move higher? Many of the trends observed over the last few months have continued throughout May with exposure to a variety of commodities (long) and currencies (long). The topic of inflation continues to persist as the Fed seems likely to hold rates until unemployment comes down to pre-pandemic levels while inflation will be allowed to exceed a rise above the 2% target. Inflation seems less of a concern … Read more May 2021 Flash Report
  • A Better SPY?

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    Index investing is all the rage now with over a trillion dollars invested in the SPY and VOO ETFs alone.  The expectation is that low fees coupled with broad market exposure is better for your portfolio than an actively managed strategy with higher fees. One could argue that as the components of the indices attract more of the capital flow that these names really do drive the market and even a “diversified portfolio” often correlates highly to a simple index. I believe strongly that everyone should have some equity exposure but is there a better way to do it? Futures … Read more A Better SPY?